Programme of Support

We have been operating for 12 years, and have supported over 8,000 candidates in a large range of subjects. All of our sessions are delivered one-to-one, meaning you get full benefit of tailored, personal attention from every hour of support from us.

We are proud to be the trusted Oxbridge partner to over 35 of the UK’s top schools including Sevenoaks, Wycombe Abbey and Dulwich College. Our students rate our services very highly - 97% of Students say they know their next steps after working with us. With 95% saying they would recommend us to a friend.

We also offer specialist interview practice for students hoping to study Medicine.

Tutor helps a student with their oxbridge practice assessment

Our interview courses

Tutor helps a student with their interview practice

2-Hour Session (£300)

This comprises two-hour session interviews, each covering a different type of skill tested at interview and followed by feedback. One tests your ability to discuss elements covered in your application – primarily using your personal statement as a jumping off point and, in STEM subjects, mathematical knowledge you’re expected to have covered in your school studies. The other sessions tests your ability to respond to unseen materials. You will be given 10-15 minutes to study a text or exercise, and then will sit a 30-minute interview based on your response to this. Again, this will be followed by written and oral feedback, and you’ll leave with an action plan on next steps to continue your preparation.

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Student and teacher work through a problem on the whiteboard

Half -Day Course (£450)

Our Half-Day Course suits those who want to top up support they are receiving elsewhere with some tailored advice and practice. It begins with a personalised interview preparation session. You will send us background on your application, how you are feeling about various elements and areas you’d like advice on. You will be matched with a graduate who will spend an hour introducing you to the format of Oxbridge interviews, what interviewers are looking for and giving you the chance to practice answering questions, maximising the value of your practice interviews. This is followed by two hours of practice interviews (as above).

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Students sat under a tree in Oxford, the tutor is leading an admissions work shop

One Day Course (£750)

Our most popular One Day Course, comprises 5 hours of interview preparation. Despite the name, many students opt to split this over two days to maximise the chance to reflect on feedback from their interviewers. As with the Half Day Course, this offers students a one-to-one introduction to academic interviewing, and the skills being looked for, followed by 4 hours of practice interviews. These can be allocated according to your preferences - with either more focus on the Personal Statement (advisable for subjects like English, History and Social Sciences) or on unseen materials (advisable for subjects including STEM, Law and Medicine). Students applying to Joint Honours courses (including PPE, HSPS or Modern Languages) find it particularly helpful to do multiple interviews, each focusing on a specific discipline), as well as to experience a wide range of interviewing styles.

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Tutor and student sat outside for a practice Oxford or Cambridge Interview

Two Day Course (£1,200)

Our most comprehensive package, includes a full 8 hours of contact time with our interviewers. The Two Day Course starts with a preparation session, before 7 hours of practice interviews. As with our one day course, this amount of practice is particularly useful for students applying to Joint Honours courses, and gives students access to a wide range of interviewers and interviewing styles, underlining the reality that there is no one set format. Most students on this course opt to spread the interviews over 2-3 weeks, giving them time to act on feedback between sessions.

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MMI Style Medicine Interview

Our practice Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) is suited to students applying to medicine degree courses in the UK, this two-hour session will introduce students to the quick-fire style of MMI interviews. Skills are assessed through a rage of question types, from roleplay to open interview questions. Interviews are run by doctors and medical graduate. The student receives feedback on each session. The date for this course will be confirmed later this year. Please get in touch if you would like further information. 

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