TSA Online Course  - Available from July 2019

TSA Online Course - Available from July 2019

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The TSA is an exam taken by applicants to ten different courses across Oxford, Cambridge and UCL, including PPE, Economics and Management and Land Economy. Most of these courses will use TSA scores to deselect applicants from interview, so strong preparation is critical.

Intended to complement other preparation which students undertake, this online course introduces students to the different formats of questions they’ll face and strategies on how to select questions given the time pressure of the exam. Each lesson ends with a short test, on which students must score 70% before they can progress to the next module. The test ends with a full 90-minute timed paper. All content is unique to this test, making it an excellent starting point in preparation before students go on to complete more past papers.

The test will be available from July 1st 2019.