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Student preparing for their Oxford or Cambridge interview

How to deliver a great online admissions interview

The COVID-19 emergency has affected the way higher education institutions operate and teach; after some initial uncertainty, universities in the UK switched to online teaching in March, and most buildings and campuses remain closed. It has also affected students’ entrance to university. A-level exams were cancelled.
Student preparing for their Oxford or Cambridge law application

Building a law application in lockdown

Thinking about applying to Law at Oxford or Cambridge? Concerned that lockdown is hampering your chances of putting together a competitive application?

The most important part of any application is a clear demonstration of commitment, curiosity, and interest in learning more. There are still plenty of ways you can show yourself to be an excellent applicant, from the comfort of your living room.

Reading lots of books are a vital part of your Oxford and Cambridge application

Thinking About Studying English at University?

An English degree from Oxford or Cambridge provides many transferable skills. How can you make sure your application is competitive and demonstrates your love for studying English?
The non-legal career opportunities after getting your Law degree

The non-legal career opportunities after getting your Law degree

Considering a law degree, but not sure you want to be a solicitor or barrister? There are many other routes you can take with a degree in Law from Oxford or Cambridge. Explore them here. 
A supernova

What jobs can you get by studying Physics

Physics has always been a very nebulous subject, with potential areas of study ranging from the nanoscale all the way up to structures bigger than our solar system. This diverse range of topics makes it one of the most interesting areas to study but where can this take you after you finish your degree. What paths does physics open up and how can you follow them.
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COVID-19: How to use your extra time at home to enhance your application

Feeling worried about how to continue building your application while you practice social distancing? Nervous about being left to work from home without as much support from teachers and friends?

We have put together some top tips for using your extra time at home effectively and productively to continue learning and keep your application on track. 
Oxford University on a pleasant summers day

A Day In The Life Of An Oxford Humanities Student

Studying a humanities or social science at university makes for a very different lifestyle as compared to a science student. Work is mostly done independently, and you have much more flexibility in your schedule.

This blog post details a typical humanities or social science student's day.
Person starting to write their personal statement for Oxford or Cambridge

Personal Statement: Structure and Style

The content of your personal statement is incredibly important, and needs to be delivered clearly, or its meaning may be lost or obscured. At its best, a personal statement is a concise and individual footprint of your academic interests. At its worst it can be predictable, boring and cringe-inducing. So what are the key things you need to remember about the structure and style of your personal statement? 
5 questions to ask yourself with choosing your subject

5 questions to ask yourself with choosing your subject

If you're unsure of what subject to study at university, read our five questions to ask yourself when choosing.
Tutor helps student to prepare for the Oxford or Cambridge interview

Busting myths about the Oxbridge Interview

Most interviews at Oxford and Cambridge aren't nearly as daunting as the rumours would have it. Here we dispel 5 big myths about the Oxbridge Interview and offer you some tips along the way.
4 Students take a break from studying for the Oxford or Cambridge Admissions Tests

The differences between studying in the UK and the US

Thinking about going to university in the UK or US, but not sure how to decide which university system is more suited to you? Read our guidance on the key differences between them.
Applying to Oxbridge as an International Student, Part 2

Applying to Oxbridge as an International Student, Part 2

In Part 2 of Supporting International Students, we focus on the part of the application process students dread most – the admissions test and interviews - as well as the logistics of visas and fees.