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Why choose Oxbridge Interviews?

There are no short-cuts to winning a place at Oxford and Cambridge universities. We don’t offer coaching on secret tips, magic tricks or generic skills building - just realistic, rigorous, one-to-one practice interviews


would recommend Oxbridge Interviews to a friend


found their practice harder than the real thing


know what are their next steps to prepare


Absolutely spot on with what the interview was and a really good warm up.

Successful Oxford Spanish and Portuguese applicant, 2015

Overall the Oxbridge Interview prep was fantastic, it made me go in confident that I could interview well, but also conscious of my weaker attributes, so I didn't fall into traps in the real thing. Worth every penny, and I can't recommend it enough.

Successful Cambridge French and German applicant, 2015

The interviews were clearly very academically rigorous and candidates also received detailed and constructive feedback to help them with their final preparation for interviews. All of our candidates were very happy with the interview practice. They commented on how much better prepared they felt for interview afterwards. From our point of view Oxbridge Interviews met the needs of all our students individually, giving them the very best chance for success in their final interviews and imbuing them with confidence.

Ruth Greenhalgh, Director of Higher Education, Sevenoaks School

Extremely helpful and engaging experience, where the interviewers were polite, kind and interesting.

MMI candidate 2015