We are taking bookings for the 2017 Oxbridge Interview Season.

Why choose Oxbridge Interviews?

One to One Interviews


We offer 1 to 1 interview preparation with highly trained oxbridge graduates which combines over a decade of working in the sector with the insight gained from recent experience of the Oxbridge system. Providing you with a highly realistic and authentic interview experience.

Trusted by Top UK Schools


Oxbridge Interviews is proud to be in partnership with some of the top independent schools in the UK. We work closely with Eton College, Sevenoaks School, Downe House, St Mary’s Ascot, Dulwich College and many more. Oxbridge Interviews supports hundreds of students from these highly academic and successful schools to reach their potential in interview.

Designed to meet your needs


We provide a bespoke, tailored service designed to support you as an individual. Our subject specific interviews are designed with your needs in mind. All our interviewers are recent Oxbridge graduates; you will have the opportunity to sit down with interviewers who studied your subject at Oxford or Cambridge.

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Our Services

Oxbridge support

Our range of practice subject interviews, personal statement interviews, submitted work interviews and preparation sessions provide realistic and invaluable support for any Oxbridge applicant. We also offer courses, which combine a number of interviews to provide the most comprehensive level of support.

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Medicine support

We also provide specific support for medicine applicants. In addition to our intellectually rigorous subject interviews and personal statement interviews, we offer preparation for the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI), which include both traditional interview questions and scenario-based exercises. Our trained, experienced and knowledgeable interviewers will also provide extensive written and verbal feedback to help you in your preparation.

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Admissions Tests
Both Oxford and Cambridge use pre-interview admissions tests as a key part of the admissions process. We currently offer an online TSA course that we have extensively trialled in schools and provides vital preparation for this stage in the admissions process.

We are also experts in providing support to schools. For more information, please Contact us.

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