Admissions Test Online and Extended Tutor Support

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The student will complete multiple past papers and we will provide 5 lessons which includes teaching, marking, feedback and teaching in areas identified as requiring additional support.

This will start with in an introductory session on the admissions test. This will help you understand the structure and purpose of the test, the core skills it is focused on assessing and explore your areas of development to help you identify specific strategies to employ in your practice paper.

You will then sit a series of practice papers, which will be marked by the tutor. This will provide opportunities to work through practice papers in significant depth over the course of the programme. 

Each session following the introductory session (each one hour long) will be an opportunity to receive feedback on how you performed in the practice paper and get input from our tutor around any specific areas for development. You will identify areas for improvement and next steps to help you improve your performance in further practice or the real thing. 

You will then have access to tutoring in the areas you are struggling with the most. This additional tutoring is charged at £150 per hour, with 2 tutoring hours included in the £1,800. You can then request further tutoring sessions if necessary.