Interview Skills Workshop (School Referral)

Interview Skills Workshop (School Referral)

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Oxbridge Interviews has developed interactive interview preparation for small groups of students. The Interview Skills Workshop will give them:

  • An understanding of the interview from an admissions tutor’s perspective – what they know about applicants before they walk into the room, and what they’re looking for in the interview as distinct from the rest of the application process
  • An understanding of the types of questions and tasks that they will face – why admissions tutors are choosing these and what they’re learning about candidates from them
  • Advice on how to tackle these sorts of questions and practice doing so in small groups and individually
  • Question and answer sessions with Oxbridge graduates from relevant disciplines

This is a good opportunity for students to make an early start on their university preparations, and feedback from previous years has been very positive.

These sessions will benefit any student thinking of applying to a university that will offer a competitive interview as part of their admission process; in particular, this will include Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial, or any medical school. Please note that we also offer students further opportunities to receive general or subject-specific interview practice.

This session will be delivered securely online