Interview preparation and practice interviews for Oxbridge applicants

Oxbridge Interviews provides support for students applying to top universities.

Our interviewers are all Oxbridge graduates and have first-hand experience to help support the development of an essential interview skill-set.

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Founded in 2007, Oxbridge Interviews are experts in supporting young people to reach their potential in an academic interview setting. We have supported thousands of applicants and we understand how to deliver the most beneficial services to prospective students.

Oxbridge Interviews believe that in order to fulfill your potential, you must know what to expect and what is expected of you at an interview at Oxford or Cambridge. Therefore, we are committed to delivering realistic, academically rigorous and challenging interview support to students aspiring to study at top universities.

Our services are designed in partnership with an former Oxbridge admissions tutor and are delivered by an exceptional team of highly trained, recent Oxford and Cambridge graduate interviewers. Oxbridge Interviews is ideally placed to support you in your preparation for the interviews and to maximise your chances of success.