We are taking bookings for the 2017 Oxbridge Interview Season.

The University of Oxford has a rigorous admissions process. We don’t want to pretend we can help you game the system - there aren’t secrets or tricks that students can use to win a place.

Successful students are those who demonstrate a high level of ability, and motivation and potential to learn

However if this is the first interview you’ve ever done, it’s hard to demonstrate this ability fully.  We believe that practice is the only way to overcome this - just like sitting mock exams before the real thing, practice interviews enable you to perform when it counts.

The support we offer is in 3 stages:

  1. Learn about what skills are being looked for at interview
  2. Practice these skills in realistic interviews
  3. Reflect on feedback to develop your skills  

Interview Preparation Session

This 2 hour, 1-1 session helps you to understand why the universities interview applicants; what skills they are looking for and how you can demonstrate these. You will have a chance to practice answering interview questions and develop an action plan to prepare.

Practice Interviews

All practice interviews last 30 minutes, followed by 20-30 minutes of self-reflection and feedback (oral and written) from your interviewer. All our interviews can be filmed on DVD giving you the chance to review your performance.

Personal Statement Interview

Send in a personal statement, and you will be interviewed based on the text. Your interviewer will give you the chance to expand on what you’ve written and related topics. Many students use this an opportunity to help redraft their personal statement.

Subject Interview

Most Oxbridge interviews will focus on your ability to tackle new and challenging topics. You will be given a piece of material (a text, image, dataset etc) or a question to consider for 15 minutes before a half hour interview based on this.

Submitted Work Interview

Some candidates will be asked to submit work to their college, and may be interviewed on this. Our interviewers will read your submitted work and conduct an interview based on this.

Most our students opt for one of our courses - see our recommended courses and prices here.

Thinking Skills Assessment

The course covers all aspects of TSA Oxford in 14 video lessons, teaching applicants essential strategies to deal with all aspects of test - including verbal and spatial reasoning, calculations, and the essay task (where appropriate). This includes plenty of opportunities for students to practice their skills, including a full length mock, and two half-length mocks. Our experienced trainers also provide invaluable tips and tricks on preparation so students feel as comfortable as possible with the process.


Our Courses allow applicants to experience multiple practice interviews, and interview styles, with a range of recent Oxbridge graduates. These interviews explore different topics, themes and debates within the subject, allow applicants to discuss familiar and unfamiliar material in an academically rigorous setting and provide an opportunity to reflect on extensive feedback.

  • Platinum

    This is our most comprehensive course. After our Interview Skills Session, six practice interviews gives students a real comfort with the interview setting and experience of a wide range of subjects through the focus on subject interviews. We recommend spreading the Platinum Course over several weeks in order to allow students to fully reflect on feedback.

    1 Interview Preparation Session
    2 Personal Statement Interviews
    4 Subject Interviews

    The platinum package costs: £1075

  • Gold

    This is our most popular course. Students complete this course over two days and have the chance to reflect on the first round of feedback and implement this the second time.

    1 Interview Preparation Session
    2 Personal Statement Interviews
    2 Subject Interviews

    The gold package costs: £780

  • Silver

    This gives students a basic introduction to the skills required and both types of interview. Student normally complete all three sessions on one day.

    1 Interview Preparation Session
    1 Personal Statement Interview
    1 Subject Interview

    The silver package costs: £510

  • Bronze

    This course gives students the chance to practice skills they have already developed and can be completed on one date.

    1 Personal Statement Interview
    1 Subject Interview

    The bronze package costs: £280



All our interviews are conducted with subject specialists - book now to secure your place with a specialist.

Not sure which package is right for you / your son/daughter? Call one of our friendly team of recent Oxbridge grads for more advice.

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