We are now taking bookings for the 2018 Oxford Interview Season.

The University of Oxford has a rigorous admissions process. There are no tricks, short-cuts or secrets to a successful application. The universities are looking for intelligent students with proven aptitude for their subject and motivation to learn. Candidates are assessed in a number of ways throughout the admissions process but the interview is often seen as the biggest hurdle.

At Oxbridge Interviews, we don’t believe in coaching, prepared answers or generic confidence and communication skills. But if – like most students – this is the first interview you’ve ever sat, we know that the chance to practice with rigorous, realistic mock interview is critical for your performance on the real day.

All of our courses are delivered 1-1 with subject-specialist recent Oxbridge graduates.

Our courses have been designed and updated over the years based on extensive feedback and experience from working with over 8000 students, including through partnerships with some of the UK’s leading schools.

Two Day Course
Our most popular option, this course covers eight hours of one to one preparation and support. This course is broken up over two (or sometimes three) days depending on your schedule and preference.

●  Eight hours of one to one preparation and support

●  One hour interview preparation session

●  Six hours of interview practice

●  One hour feedback session


One Day Course
This comprehensive course covers five hours of one to one support. Most students do this on one date, but we can also break this up over two dates, depending on your schedule and preference.

●  Five hours of one to one preparation and support

●  One hour of interview preparation session

●  Three hours of interview practice

●  One hour feedback session


Half Day Course
This 3 hour session, all delivered through one to one sessions, gives students a chance to understand skills interviewers are looking for and practice interview technique.

●  Three hours of one to one preparation and support

●  One hour of interview preparation session

●  Two hours of interview practice



Two Hour Interview Session
For students already confident in approaching interviews, this two hour session offers another opportunity to practice both types of interview they’ll face at Oxbridge and receive feedback, written and oral, on their performance, and access to our online resources afterwards.

● Two hour interview preparation session





Our Course Components Explained

  • Free Consultation

    Schedule a 30-minute call at any time with one of our staff members to discuss your application, and how we can help.

  • Interview Preparation Session

    Your first session can be done online or in person. You will be paired with an interviewer, who will run your Interview Preparation Session. This will get you thinking about the interview from the interviewer’s perspective, thinking about the skills interviewers are looking for, and the format of interviews you’re likely to face. You will practice a small number of questions and consider technique to take into your practice interviews. Students find that this session dramatically increases the usefulness of their practice interviews.

  • 2 hours of practice interviews

    This comprises two sessions, each covering a different type of skill tested at interview and followed by feedback. The first tests your ability to discuss elements covered in your application – typically this includes your personal statement, any submitted work and, in STEM subjects, mathematical knowledge you’re expected to have covered in your school studies. This 30-minute interview will cover any or all of these topics, and will be followed by written and oral feedback from your interviewer, including a focus on one element of technique to take into your next practice interview. The second sessions tests your ability to respond to unseen materials. You will be given 10-15 minutes to study a text or exercise, and then will sit a 30-minute interview based on your response to this. Again, this will be followed by written and oral feedback.

  • One-hour feedback session

    At the end of one of our courses, this session allows you to tie together all of the feedback from your interviews, distilling down to one or two points of interview technique to take into the real thing, and practicing this technique again. With your interviewer you will create an action plan for final elements of your preparation , including a plan for the day(s) of your real interviews, meaning nothing is left to chance.

Looking for something different?

We also work with schools, parents and students to design bespoke packages of support throughout the applications process, supporting with admissions tests, personal statements and college/course selection.

Please get in touch with Bronte for more a detailed discussion of how we can put together a package of support for you.

Thinking Skills Assessment

The course covers all aspects of TSA in 14 video lessons, teaching applicants essential strategies to deal with all aspects of test - including verbal and spatial reasoning, calculations, and the essay task (where appropriate). This includes plenty of opportunities for students to practice their skills, including a full length mock, and two half-length mocks. Our experienced trainers also provide invaluable tips and tricks on preparation so students feel as comfortable as possible with the process.

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