We are taking bookings for the 2017 Oxbridge Interview Season.

Practice Interviews

Experience a challenging practice interview with a recent Oxbridge graduate. Test your mental agility and adaptability through rigorous discussion. Receive detailed written and spoken feedback on your interview performance and technique. Specific support for Medicine applicants include:


Personal Statement Interview

Our 1 hour Personal Statement Interview is designed to test pre-existing knowledge and motivation for studying the course. Expanding upon the personal statement, our interviews push applicants to justify their arguments on a topic and assess how they might modify their position if presented with conflicting ideas or examples. These skills are essential for a real Oxford tutorial or Cambridge supervision.  

MMI Support

Our Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) take the form of several ‘hot seat’ interviews, each testing different qualities over a few minutes, before moving onto the next station. They could be with a ‘normal’ interviewer, or with an actor who will create a scenario to which you have to respond. They are not testing knowledge, but are more interested with how candidates respond to unfamiliar situations and how they think. Not so different from the Oxbridge Interview process! Because each interview is so short, first impressions really count, as does the ability to express ideas clearly and concisely. These are skills which can be taught and improved via our preparation days.

Subject Interviews

Our 1 hour Subject Interviews are designed to mimic the unseen subject-specific material that is likely to appear in an Oxbridge interview. In our extensive experience, reacting to unseen material is an element that students often find challenging. The problem, article, or text is designed to give applicants the chance to practice thinking logically and insightfully under pressure, as well as articulating and defending their position. Like all our interviews, our Subject Interviews involve 30 mins of written and verbal feedback, and there is an option to receive a DVD recording of the session.

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