We are taking bookings for the 2017 Oxbridge Interview Season.

All applicants to UK medical schools will have to sit an interview. At some universities (especially Oxford and Cambridge), this is likely to be in a traditional panel or 1 to 1 interview format. Other medical schools require students to sit multiple mini interviews (MMI).

Here at Oxbridge Interviews we provide support for both types of interview in the form of our personal statement and subject interviews, as well as our MMI days, which provide realistic practice so you know what to expect.

Practice Interviews

Experience a challenging practice interview with a recent Oxbridge graduate. Test your mental agility and adaptability through rigorous discussion. Receive detailed written and spoken feedback on your interview performance and technique. Specific support for Medicine applicants include:

Personal Statement Interview:

Send in a personal statement, and you will be interviewed based on the text. Your interviewer will give you the chance to expand on what you’ve written and related topics. Many students use this an opportunity to help redraft their personal statement.

Subject Interview:

Most Oxbridge interviews will focus on your ability to tackle new and challenging topics. You will be given a piece of material (a text, image, dataset etc) or a question to consider for 15 minutes before a half hour interview based on this.

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)

Students rotate around a number of interview stations and will receive short ‘hot seat’ interviews covering a range of skills and topics including scientific knowledge, medical ethics and communicating with patients. Applicants will receive feedback from each station on their performance, with guidance on how to improve. Our MMI circuits typically last between 2 and half and 3 hours.

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