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STEM Graph Sketching Workshop (16th October 2019)

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There is a marked trend for STEM interviewers to test applicants on their graph sketching skills, as well as other applications of mathematical knowledge in both interviews and admissions tests.


Our STEM Graph Sketching Workshop will give students the opportunity to practice lots of sample questions, as well as thinking through their approach to these types of questions – how to approach them logically, quickly rule out incorrect answers (in admissions tests) or talk through their thinking (in interviews), and build confidence with these often daunting challenges.


Our workshop lasts 90 minutes and will push students to consider why admissions tutors are setting these sorts of questions; what knowledge they need to learn to tackle them; and develop strategies for tackling them in both tests and interviews. They will work through questions both collectively and individually in workshops.
Students will leave with advice handouts and with further practice questions to work on afterwards.


This workshop will be held on the 16th October 2019 at Latymer Upper School