Admission Test Preparation

Admission Test Preparation

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We are seeing an increased reliance on admissions tests across all colleges and faculties at Oxbridge and Medical Schools, and many strong applicants are falling at this hurdle. We have been supporting students with various different admissions tests for many years.

The small group Online Admissions Test Workshop is 1.5 hours long and leaves students with:

  • Clear understanding of where admissions tests fits into the context of the whole application and what admissions tutors are looking for.
  • An understanding of the structure, mark scheme (where possible) and timings of the tests they will sit.
  • Clear appreciation that the tests are designed to stretch. Even the most prepared and strongest candidates will find these tests extremely difficult. 
  • Understanding of how critical getting the timing right is, particularly in STEM subjects, where there is no negative marking. Students will leave with an exam strategy  – understanding how many minutes they have per question, and how to select the right questions to tackle.
  • The experience of having sat a full past paper, and having gone through some answers with a subject specialist.
  • An action plan for how to continue their preparation.
  • Finally, our aim (though not always achieved!) is that students leave with a positive outlook on admissions tests - seeing these as an opportunity to demonstrate skills, that the preparation for these aids their preparation for interviews and indeed their A Level studies, and an interesting academic challenge.

Click here to find out what admissions test(s) you are required to take if any.


Please note that places are limited. Exact dates for 2021 will be released in the Summer. If the final date does not work for the student they will have three weeks after its announcement to cancel. Please get in touch with any questions here.