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Music allows students to explore and examine in-depth different musical cultures. genres, and styles whilst also providing the opportunity to develop performance and composition. Below you will find information about the specific degree courses offered by Oxford University and Cambridge University to study Music, how to prepare, and how Oxbridge Interviews can help you with your Music application.

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Music | Shanika

Shanika graduated in Music from the University of Oxford in 2010. Since then, she has gone on to do a Masters in Music at the Goldsmiths University, and a current postgraduate student in Ethnomusicology at Royal Holloway University.

Alongside her studying, Shanika works with ARK Schools as a Young Music Mentor, working with 60 young musicians across the schools network.

Shanika’s advice for students interviewing in Music is: “Be yourself, think aloud, and don't be afraid to ask for a moment to think about your answer before saying it!”